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The Kutneys Take On Three San Diego Fisheries

Because this wonderful couple was able to join me for more than just one trip, I decided to write all their reports into one.

San Diego Bay:  Knowing that we haven't had the best of tides, or weather, left me a bit anxious leading into the San Diego Bay trip that Ed and Linda were about to embark on. Fortunately, we were able to get some fish right off the bat. Unfortunately, our neap tides ran the show.

San Diego Sand Bass

After Setting Ed and Linda up with matching Quantum Rod and Reels, each with Berkley Gulp! Jerk Shads on Drop-shot rigs, it did not take long for them to start Rockin' the fish to the boat. Ed San Diego Bay Sculpinmanaged a really big Sand Bass right away.

What's really neat about these two traveling anglers is just how much they like to fish. Okay, really I think Ed likes to fish more than Linda, but the fish like Linda more. Really, she ignores them and they want her to catch them more. I mean I thought I knew what dead-sticking was, but Linda has refined it to an art form of pure fish neglect. And they love her for it. Nothing wrong with that, eh?

The Spotted Bay Bass caught during the San Diego Bay trip didn't all make it to the camera lens, but we did get a great shot of the biggest Sand Bass and Sculpin caught this beautiful day. 

Afterward, we all agreed to try El Capitan Reservoir for our next adventure.


Largemouth Bass of El Capitan Reservoir

 El Cap: We started out heading for the trees on a nice calm day. This being El Cap, I knew the calm wouldn't last. Little did I know just what the Weather Channel meant by 20-30 mile per hour winds. We weren't at the lake for much more than an hour and we soon found out what the incoming storm would do. Of course, Ed and I had a few bites that we missed while Linda ignoring her fish, connected with a nice Largemouth Bass pushing the three pound mark. I like this lady, she can teach me a lot about fishing. I have got to get me a Blackberry.

We probably stayed too long, but Ed and I were out for redemption, which leads to part three of the report.

While driving them back to their vacation rental (overlooking Mission Bay), I mentioned to Ed that I wanted to go to Mission Bay to do a virtual prefish for the upcoming SWBA tournament on Newport Bay. Both of us knowing it was gonna be downright rainy and miserable, we both thought it was a great idea. Linda decided not go with us this time.

 Mission Bay Spotted Sand Bass

Mission Bay Calico BassMission Bay: I picked Ed up at 6:00AM, and we were in the water at Ski Beach in no time. The spring tide was severe, and for anybody who fishes Mission Bay regularly, we call it, "Flushing the Toilet." And that's exactly how it felt. However, that first couple of hours that Mission Bay was in standing tide mode, was awesome to say the least. Of course, Berkley Gulp! baits and Uni Butter played a big roll in our success. Ed and I both redeemed ourselves for the previous day. Ed even caught his first Calico Bass - a new species for the check list. Sorry for the rainy looking shots; it was raining.

Could have used these spotties up in Newport, but that's a different story.   

A Nice Pair of Mission Bay Spotties

Thank you Ed and Linda for visiting our city. And thank you all for reading our report.










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